Electric scooter 15mph

Are You In The Market for A 15 MPH Electric Scooter?

Personal Electric Transport has the perfect 15 mph scooter for you. Since we opened in 2015, we’ve served a broad array of customers within our community.

While we have our fair share of extreme riders, we also have many people who like to take life at a slower pace. An electric scooter with 15 mph maximum speed is the right kind for those of us who enjoy smelling the roses and really taking in the environment around them.

If you aren’t competing with traffic, then a 15 mph scooter will certainly do the trick. Scooters suitable for the cruiser life are the Riley, Swify and the Inmotion L9.

Folks enjoy the British made Riley electric scooter because of it’s comfortable ride and simple set up. It’s 10inch tyres have definitely been a hit and it’s got a cruise control feature that comes in quite handy as well. A convenient element of the Swifty is that it is aided by the kick-assist. Which means you can ease your range anxiety during long journeys.

Switfy is also British Made escooter brand. It was founded in Manchester by husband and wife Jason and Camilla Iftakhar and their scooters are handmade in Manchester! Swifty is “lightweight, foldable, craftsman built and suits a variety of family purposes.” – Andy Robertson, Wired.co.uk Are you a larger rider?

The Inmotion L9 has proven itself to be a comfortable ride for the more robust among us. “Excellent build quality, heavy duty and well worth the money, does what it says it does, and so far so good we will have to wait to see how it measures up over time but I’ve got no problems other than it weighs 24kilos but you can see why with the build quality 😀” – PET Inmotion L9 Electric Scooter Customer

If you would prefer another model, we can certainly help you lock any of the electric scooters of our range into being a 15 mp electric scooter if you wish. You can achieve easily with the E-Twow Booster and E-Twow Gt, as well as the Vsett 8.

Looking for something with a bit more speed? Try our electric scooter 20 mph range or our fast electric scooters 30mph range. If you’re not sure which scooter will be right for you, please do get in touch with use via the phone or email.

What would be even better would be for you to book a test ride and head down to our shop in Leyton where you can test out our scooter range. There, one of our scooter experts will be able to find which ride will best suit your needs.