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    1. GPS Unit
    2. Wire harness with relay
    3. Optional SIM Card with sim card holder


    Our multifunction GPS device has these main capabilities:

    1. Real time tracking
    2. Remote power cutoff function
    3. Anti-theft Vibration Alarm
    4. Anti-Tampering Cut-Wire Alarm
    5. Low Battery Alarm
    6. Geofencing function. Set a boundary using our iOS or Android app and a notification will be sent to you once this boundary has been breached by the GPS unit.
    7. Smartphone App function included FREE
    8. Optional global sim card

    Watch the video for a short demonstration of the GPS Tracker functionalities!

    Startup Instructions:

    1. Insert SIM Card into GPS device
    2. Turn on the device and place it near the windows or outdoors for the device to log onto GPS and GSM signals
    3. It takes 30-40 seconds for the device to detect the GSM and GPS signals. Once the red and yellow LED lights go steady, it is ready to use.
    4. Once detected, you will be able to log into your app.

    Installation Instructions (Perform Startup first):

    1. Plug in the scooter/bike battery to the GPS Device using the adaptor provided.
    2. Plug in the scooter to the controller using the adaptor wire harness provided.
    3. Place the GPS unit securely in a location of the scooter that is not easy to find.

    Network Availability:

    1. 2G networks have been disabled in countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Canada, USA, Thailand and Australia. It is still available for countries in Europe, South America, China etc.
    2. 3G networks are available in every country.
    3. Our global SIM card enables you to plug and play your GPS device with no configuration. The monthly charge is about USD 13 per month or USD 160 per year.


    GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
    GPRS Class 20
    GPS Channel 20
    Standby Time 60 hrs
    Weight 32 g
    Battery 180mAh (5 hrs of GPS usage) if not connected to main battery
    Size 72mm x 30mm x 12mm H
    Operating Voltage 9-75 V (supports up to 60V batteries only)
    Compatibility 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz
    Suitable For Inokim, ZERO, Dualtron Minimotors, and many others
    User Manual Start here before turning on the GPS
  • Brand

    We’re the Official Dealers of Zero Scooters UK

    The Zero electric scooter brand was created to raise mass awareness of their compact form of electric transport, while bringing joy to the experience.

    The Zero line was developed with the intention of being the most affordable range of high performance scooters on the market. Focusing on doing this without sacrificing design, quality and performance.

    Established in 2018 Zero Scooters has cemented its name and reputation as a reliable and innovative range of electric scooter. As a result it is continually ranked amongst the industry’s best in customer satisfaction and affordability.

    At Personal Electric Transport we’ve stocked the Zero Electric scooters as a part of our electric scooter adult range over the past 3 years. Rob and Mark actually visited the factory in Ningbo, one of the biggest factories in the scooter industry before making the decision to become the official dealers of Zero Scooters in the UK.

    This particular factory has without a doubt contributed to increasing the standard of quality across the board in the industry. Our selection for Zero UK Zero 8 is the super portable commuter model of the range and is celebrated as a great scooter in its weight category.

    The Vsett 8 is the replacement model for this travel buddy. Zero 9 is a really dynamic multimodal scoot that gives you loads of power while still being able to fit in the train and in the car boot.

    A large deck, all-round braking, suspension make the Zero 9 a comfortable ideal point to point scooter.

    What the PET community said about Zero electric scooters:

    “This scooter is awesome!Very quick, amazing build quality, excellent brakes, great lighting, wide deck and I got 13 miles out of it this morning with 2 bars left. It was full power with lots of hills and a little off-road.”

    With full hydraulic brakes to help handle the extra power, the Zero 10x presents an option for the extreme off road rider. It’s been a favourite within the community since its arrival and has lead to the development of the Vsett 10+.
    What the PET community said: “Great scooter, looks professional and easy to use. Love it.”

    Interested in the Zero range? You’re very likely to be keen on Vsett, their latest range. For the urbanites out there who are in need of something super portable, the E-twow electric scooter has solid engineering and a fantastic power to weight ratio. Not sure on which ride will be best for you?

    Give us a call, or better yet pop in to our shop in Leyton, London. Here you can take all of our electric scooters out for a test ride. Our experts will help you figure out which ride is perfect for you.

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DISCLAIMER Disclaimer:  It is each customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that their E-scooter is used in accordance with all laws in their country of residence. Under current UK law, E-scooters are not to be used in the UK on public roads, cycle lanes or footpaths.  Each customer, when purchasing through this website or otherwise from this website’s operator, Personal Electric Technology Ltd (PET), accepts full responsibility for the use of their E-scooter and/or any other products they may purchase.  PET and its owners and employees shall have no direct or indirect liability as a result of a customer’s improper use of their E-scooter.  Please see our terms and conditions of sale for further details.