Solid Tires 8.5 x 2 inch


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8.5 x 2 inch Honeycomb airless solid tires

  • Inokim Light 1 and 2
  • ZERO 8 and Z9 e-scooter models.



*This solid tires will not be as comfortable as the pneumatic tires but due to the honeycomb design, it will be of an acceptable standard. The Tires do not come with the wheel hub. Installation is required.



SXT are a German company that offers a wide range of e-scooters. Working closely with a selected group of partner manufactures, SXT products are built to its precise specifications.


Zero is rapidly gaining a reputation for its range of performance scooters that offer specs that are unbeatable for the money. PET has an exclusive partnership with Zero in the UK and all models are available for demo rides at our new showroom in Leyton, London.


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