Controller E-Twow 2015-2018


Controller E-Twow 2015-2018


Controller E-Twow S2 Electric Scooter.

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  • Specification

    Booster, BOOSTER PLUS v1.37

  • Description

    Booster model 2016 controllers – on all scooters bought before 01.08.2017 – with the more sudden type of acceleration. They do not have the L1-L5 settings, you can check the version by simply turning off the scooter and turning it back on with the brake pressed. If the screen doesn’t show anything, it’s the normal Booster, if it shows L1, L2, etc. for speed, then it’s the 2017 model of Booster.

    Booster model 2017 – this is the one with the new controller and smoother acceleration. It has the L1, L2,etc. settings for speed.

    Booster PLUS model 2017 with the 6 pin connector for the display – it is the Booster PLUS with the old type of connection from the spring wire to the controller

    Booster PLUS model 2017 with the Easy Connect plug to the display – this has been sold from 01.12.2017

    Booster PLUS / S /V model 2018/19 – this has the new controller v1.37 (with the new P3 Sport option) and the Easy Connect plug. You can test to see if a scooter is this model if when you activate the P3 option the maximum speed of the scooter is more than 35 km/h. Works for all model batteries. 6.5Ah, 7.5Ah, 8.6Ah and 10Ah

  • Brand

    The E-Twow Range is the King of Portability

    Built on the promise of quality engineering, ultra portability, the E-twow brand is centred around sustainability.

    E-Twow electric scooters were built as a practical solution to get around the crowded city. They were made to satisfy the undeniable need for an accessible, smaller, portable, clean vehicles.

    We were fans of E-twow engineering and battery technology from the very start. However when we visited the factory in 2019, it was like entering Tesla’s gigafactory, but for scooters.

    This brand is on a standard beyond most manufacturers and 90% of their vehicles are made inhouse which truly impressed us.

    They are a perfect city travel companion and are so lightweight that you can carry them upstairs, into buses, onto trains or fit them into the boot of your cab without breaking a sweat.

    E-Twow electric scooters fit into your lifestyle effortlessly. Under your desk, next to your seat or in some cases on the windowsill!
    They’re made for point to point and multimodal travel, whether it’s nipping to the shop to pick up the groceries, meeting up for a coffee or completely skipping the bus to work.

    It’s safe to say the E-Twow electric scooter range is puncture proof. Both wheels are “unpuncturable” as they are made out of solid rubber. Save time and money, only having to change them every 1000 miles or so when they lose their tread. Additionally, cutting edge battery technology makes these models incredibly fast to charge.

    Lightweight, zippy, with a supreme build quality that outdoes the very popular Xiaomi S1 Electric Scooter in every sense. This model is stripped back to give you exactly what you really need.

    One customer said it’s the “Perfect scooter in size, weight, build, and power. Add it’s fast changing and you will find it hard to find a scooter to match it.”

    Want more speed and more power? Upgrade to the E-Twow GT. The additional power comes with three breaks. It’s also lockable with an interactive app. Time and time again, our customers tell us how much they love their scooters.
    “Love this scooter- fast and slow- great in the wet and light to carry, battery has got a great range.”

    The best way to find out if the E-Twow is the perfect travel companion for you is to book a test ride at our shop in Leyton, London. Where our electric vehicle experts can take you through our range and pair you up with the ride that will serve you best.
    Alternatively, order online or drop us an email or give us a call for any assistance.

    We also stock Vsett, Swifty, inmotion scooters and electric unicycles and electric bikes such as Ruff Cycles and Mate.

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