Ninebot One E+ (Gen2) Electric Unicycle

Electric Unicycle, technologically advanced and cost-effective, one of the best options in personal urban transport on the market.

The Ninebot-E+ offers a high performance and safety guarantee at a more competitive price.

Speed of 11-13 miles/h

Range 18-21 miles


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The E+ Gen2 has been revamped with new White Faux Leather Leg Support Covers and a slightly different handle. If you see E+’s on sale with the grey leg support covers – these are not the latest version. Package Size: 500×220×520 Machine Size: 475×453×175 Tire Size: Diameter 406mm, 16 inch low pressure pneumatic tire Max Payload: ~120kg Operating Temp: About -10~45℃ Net Weight: ~13.8 Battery: Heavy load battery of 55.5V/320Wh/8C Mileage: About 35km Charger / Timings: 120W charger with input of AC100-240V, full charging within 4 hours Rated Power (Watt): 500 Max Power (Watt): 1500 Max Speed (KMH): ~18-22 Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 4.0, together with Ninedroid APP which can achieve remote firmware updating; smart instrument panel; vehicle specs and lights adjustable, etc Mainframe Interface: High quality water resistant aviation charging port, multi function power button (on, off, standby, on/off bluetooth), multi function accessory holder Display Panel: Annulus display panel on both sides. 20*2 independent RGB LED, battery indication: red light when break,yellow/red light when low power, customized light Peddle/Standing Mount: AZ91D magnesium alloy padel + Resin shock absorption anti-slip layer Lifting Handle: Standard foldable lifting handle, coated with rubber Water Proof to IP55 – Regardless of wind and rain.


Ninebot by Segway

Ninebot by Segway is N°1 worldwide brand in self-balancing vehicles for personal transportation. Ninebot miniPRO · Ninebot One · Ninebot Elite · Ninebot One S2

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