Kingsong S18 2021 Electric Unicycle


Kingsong S18 2021 Electric Unicycle


A real departure from accepted conventions in EUC design, the Kingsong S18 takes its cues from sports bikes. The exposed suspension geometry is scantily clad with detachable fairing panels in an effort to cut weight. Battery and controller components are suspended along with the rider to cut un-sprung weight. The result is a super-agile performance wheel that brings a new dimension to off-road riding.

Max speed: 31 mph (max cruise speed)
Range: Max 62 miles / Real-world 45 miles
Weight: 21.7kg

  • 2021 version with the latest firmware
  • Trick suspension brings game-changing off-road agility
  • Demo available at our London store, book a test ride!
Colour : Black
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  • Specification
    Max Speed

    31 mph / 50 km/h

    Range (Claimed)

    Range (PET est.)

    35 ml / 56 km


    25 kg

    Motor (Nominal)



    Charging Time

    6 hr


    Air Shock (DMN)

    Wheel Size



    3", Pneumatic


    Front LED, Dual-beam, Rear LED

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg


    Black, White

  • Description

    With the S18 electric unicycle, Kingsong chose to forgo the rugged utilitarian direction taken by the Veteran Sherman and perhaps its own KS16X to bring us an entirely new style of EUC.   The S18 sheds the obligatory moulded plastic carcass of its rivals and hangs components off exposed suspension geometry. This helps the S18 to save weight – at just 21.7kg, the wheel is usefully lighter than its contemporaries.

    The adjustable DNM air-shock can be tuned to the rider and adjusted for riding style and terrain. For super-smooth roads, the suspension can be dialled-out completely. For fast road-riding, you can run with slower rebound for tight control if you hit a bump. And for off-road, you can speed up the shock to allow you to float over sequences of bumps.

    The wheel is set-up to suit aggressive riding so Kingsong opted for a 1110wh battery pack to avoid adding unnecessary weight. However, the powerful new 2200w motor and controller combination is efficient enough to offer riders up to 62 miles of range should they need it. A new lighting system features automatic dipped beam and full beam for safer night riding.


    Motor Power: (New) 2200W sustained, 5000W peak
    1110Wh, 84V with Smart BMS with balancing, over-charge, over-current, & short circuit protection.
    Control Board:
    High performance design – can reliably sustain 2000W. Heatsink + temperature control fan.
    Hill Climbing: 
    ~40° max
    Max Load:
    120kg – higher payloads will generally decrease performance
    22” H x 21” W x 8”
    Extra large pedals with grip tape, 4-8” ground clearance
    18” extra large 3” wide tire
    Bluetooth for data transfer. Compatible with the King Song App.
    Bright headlight, rear brake light
    Built-in retractable push handle
    Motor Kill-Switch:
    Handle sensor to detect lifting motion
    USB Ports
    : Built-in dual USB ports for powering and charging your devices
    Safety Warning System:
     Alarm/voice, pedal tilt-back (configurable in app)
  • Brand
    Shenzhen King Song Sports Equipment Co. Ltd is a hi-tech manufacturer specializing in one wheel/two-wheel electric light vehicles. King Song has been manufacturing self-balancing technology since 2012.
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