Inmotion V12 100V Electric Unicycle


Inmotion V12 100V Electric Unicycle


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  • First 100V EUC by Inmotion
  • Top speed 70 kmh / 43.5 mph
  • IPX5 rating on body, IPX7 on battery
  • Innovative graphic touch screen display
  • Adjustable pedals

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  • Specification
    Motor (Nominal)


    Max Speed

    70 kmh / 43.5 mph

    Range (Claimed)

    Range (PET est.)

    80 km / 50 miles


    Charging Time

    9 hr


    29 kg

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg

    Gradability (Claimed)


    Wheel Size

    16 x 3 inch

    IP Rating

    IPX5 (body), IPX7 (battery)

  • Brand
    INMOTION is a global leading brand of short-distance personal transportation, the main drafting unit of national standards for self-balancing vehicles and the director member of the Chinese Self-Balancing Vehicle Patent League. It owned up to 70% core patents of global self-balancing vehicles. In 2017, it merged and acquiredSolowheel - the American self-balancing vehicle leader.
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