Extreme Bull COMMANDER Electric Unicycle


Extreme Bull COMMANDER Electric Unicycle


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Extreme Bull is a new brand from the house of Begode.  Details are still scarce but it is clear that the new Commander shares many components with its Begode siblings.  However, this wheel features new levels of power and battery capacity which exceed those of the groundbreaking Veteran Sherman.  Potentially this will be the fastest EUC available with speeds of approximately 60 mph.

Free spin max speed:    60mph (HS), 45mph (HT)
Range:            142 mi / 230 km claimed / Real-world 100 miles
Weight:          36.5kg

  • 2800W C38/C30 motor
  • 100V 3600Wh battery - longest range on the market
  • The latest BMS and short circuit protection!
  • Freespin top speed 60mph (HS), 45mph (HT)
  • 2-YR WARRANTY backed by PET workshop
Version : High Torque
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  • Specification

    High Torque, High Speed

    Motor (Nominal)




    Charging Time

    12 h

    Range (Claimed)


    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    130 kg


    Gradability (Claimed)


  • Description
  • Brand

    Begode - Gotway, pushing the limits in lightweight transportation.

    Personal Electric Transport has been keenly interested in electric unicycles since we first opened in 2015. Since then we’ve been closely following the innovation of the Gotway Electric Unicycle development, also known as Begode and their green lightweight transport creations. While electric unicycles have been around for sometime now, the moden euc that is rising in popularity more closely resembles that of Charles Gabriel’s Design 1977.

    Eucs are definitely clean transport devices of the future as they’re extremely portable with exceptional range and power, fitting for most riding environments and styles. The Begode / Gotway company was founded in 2014. The company and their factory specialise in the research and development of the mainboard hardware, software and brushless motor of electric transport machines. Gotway aka Begode has a series of products including electric skateboards, scooters, mini bikes and of course their famous electric unicycles.

    At PET we’ve been most impressed by the Gotway euc evolution. This company's electric unicycles are specifically designed for the extreme rider. These electric unicycles are the fastest and longest range on the market. For people who like to push their limits and explore different environments, Gotway has you on their mind. Rightly so, Gotway euc have been rising in popularity due to their innovative designs and features. They’re now pretty much a house hold name in electric unicycle circles all around the world.

    Gotway electric unicycles stocked at PET We’ve selected the revolutionary Gotway RS19 as our main euc from them. It’s been evolving nicely since the introduction of the MSuper V3 a few years back. It’s 2600w hollow design motor which makes for a creamy smooth ride with its quality power cables. There are even two versions of this wheel to choose from. The HS (High Speed) version, which is optimised for max speeds and the HT (High-Torque) version which offers stronger acceleration and braking.

    The RS iteration is now synonymous as the highest performing wheels on the market and is ridden by the world's most extreme riders. Much in the same way Porche technology turned all motorised inventions turbo crazy, the RS with its groundbreaking hollowed out motor design is set to do the same in the electric unicycle universe. Keen to explore more eucs?

    We also stock Imotion, king song electric unicycles and also veteran sherman electric unicycles. Still figuring out if a Begode/Gotway electric unicycle is right for your riding style and journey requirements?

    Give us a call, or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help you find out which ride will be the best for you. Or book a test ride and come through to our shop in Leyton, London to give our electric unicycle range a spin with our master euc riders.

    Begode - Gotway
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