VSETT 9+ 2023 21Ah Dual Motor Electric Scooter


VSETT 9+ 2023 21Ah Dual Motor Electric Scooter


The new Vsett 9+ is a compact super-scooter that expertly judges its performance and form factor.  In the right conditions, it can exceed 30 mph but it isn’t too large and heavy to render it impractical.  With agile handling, great suspension and plenty of torque from its dual motors, this scooter is real-world quick while still making sense in the real world.

Max Speed:  30 mph / 50 km/h
Range:          60 miles (claimed / 30 miles (PET est.)
Weight:        25 kg

  • 48V 1300W dual motor (2x 650W nominal)
  • 21Ah LG battery - the largest in the 9+ range
  • Built-in turn-signal indicators
  • NFC tag reader lock
  • 2-YR WARRANTY backed by PET workshop

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  • Specification
    Max Speed

    30 mph / 50 km/h

    Range (Claimed)

    Range (PET est.)

    30 mi / 50 km


    25 kg

    Power (Peak)

    Motor (Nominal)

    2 x 650w


    Charging Time

    10 hr


    Front/Rear, Disk, E-brake


    Front Coil-spring, Rear Coil-spring


    Brake light, Turn signals, Front LED, Rear LED

    Wheel Size



    3", Pneumatic

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg

    Folded Size

    122 x 28 x 46 cm

  • Description

    The new Vsett 9+ electric scooter is the new compact super-scooter that is designed for real-world use.  A host of innovations are featured on this next-gen scooter, brought to you by the team that designed the original Zero 10x

    Dual 650w motors give you all the torque you need with 30 mph cruising ability and a large 21Ah 48V LG battery provide you with ample range.  This is all packaged in a new compact frame which has been designed for rider stability and agility.  A new folding mechanism is both convenient and secure with its failsafe latch.

    The new display features an NFC card lock complete with spare key-cards.  Innovative turn-signal indicators are activated via thumb switches integrated into the handlebar grips.

    Just a few minutes riding the Vsett 9+ and you will realise that the game has moved on.

  • Brand

    The Vsett Electric Scooter Range - A New Generation of eScooters

    The Vsett Range is the brainchild of the Zero Electric Scooter brand designers and factory.
    After years of delivering a solid selection of electric scooters to people all around the world they’ve listened to their customers and got it right. The designers got together and applied all that they’ve learned to the fresh Vsett range.

    Now, they lead the way in innovation.
    The Vsett escooter range really provides something for everyone.
    Whether you’re in the market for a portable commute friendly buddy, a multimodal e-machine or a hyperscooter for extreme riding, there is an option for you available.

    All Vsett scooters feature an all new throttle display unit with NFC card key security.
    Handle grips seamlessly integrate left and right indicators which fit comfortably under the thumb.
    They also have advanced folding mechanisms, all-round mechanical breaks, great suspension, built in lights and an estimated IP 54 waterproof rating.

    All in all, every single Vsett electric scooter is an absolute pleasure to ride. At Personal Electric Transport we stock the Vsett 8, Vsett 8+, Vsett 9 52V, Vsett 9+, Vsett 10+ 25Ah and Vsett 10+ 28Ah. You can read a little more about them below, browse the range to find out more or book a test ride.

    Vsett 8 “A really well built commuter” - Dominic, Super Met This is nothing like your average commuter xiaomi e scooter. The Vsett 8 the elements of super scooters to a comfortable commuter scooter that will help you get around with ease.
    Solid and Pneumatic tyre to reduce puncture replacement.
    To make transport simple, this folding electric scooter is easy to fold and fasten. Fit in the train or in a car boot with no sweat.

    Vsett 9+ “The Rolls Royce of Electric Scooters” Jack Scarlett, Fully Charged

    This is the multimodal traveler.
    You can go far on this travel buddy and yet still fold it up along the way on a train and fit it effectively on the back seat or a spacious boot. Take it out with you to the forest or off the beaten park with a smooth transition.

    Vsett 10+ “This scooter...It just wants to go fast” Adam, Wrong Way

    The hyper scooter for the extreme riders who like the race track and bmx trails. It’s got a super sturdy stem made for comfort. Also, the 10+ has an incredible range and battery life. This scooter was made for you to handle it all and then some more.

    Find out which of the Vsett e scooter is right for you by dropping us a line or popping in to our shop in Leyton London.

    Our electric scooter experts are more than happy to take you through our demo models and take you on a test ride that is highly likely to change the future of transport in your life.

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