E-Twow Master Electric Scooter

E-Twow S2 Master Electric Kick Scooter is a top performance electric scooter to suit everyone’s necessities.  It has a range of 38km and a top speed of 28km/hr. with only 2 -2.5h charging time. Perfect for long days out or a long commute.


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Weight – 10.7 kg (23.5 lbs) Top Speed – 28 km/h (17.3mph) Range – 38 km (23.6 miles) Battery – 24V 8.5Ah Recharge Time – 2 -2.5h Maximum Slope – 15% rise Top Performance Foldable Electric Scooter for Adults. E-TWOW Master Electric Scooter has a range of 23.6miles and a top speed of 17.3 miles/h . Perfect for long commuting. Max load: 110kg Folding function: Fully foldable electric scooter (patented) – Height Adjustable, Handlebar Folding + Automatic Unfolding Body Brake function: Regenerative brake for front wheel + Emergency brake for behind wheel (At the same time front wheel regenerative brake and rear wheel friction brake) Shock absorber: Front shock absorber + Rear shock absorber Light: LED lighting group (Include 6 LED, CPU controlled for a light intensity independent of battery voltage); LED light sensor Cruise control function: Press the acceleration right thumb and keep the same speed for 5 seconds and the cruise control will automatically start Zero start function: Yes, For safety reasons, when you want to ride the scooter, you should use your foot to slide it for a little distance, then press the right thumb accelerator and the scooter will go ahead. Horn alert function: Piezo ceramic horn UBHI: Uniblock Human Interface (patent) UBHI function command: Throttle control, braking control, display, lights, horn Speed control mode: On the right side of UBHI control the acceleration using thumb Brake control mode: On the left side of UBHI control the brake using thumb Grade Ability: 15 degree slope Tires: Airless Tires (patent) Motor rated max. power: 450W Motor type: DC Brushless motor Energy consumption: 6.15Wh/km Compare E-Twow models


E-twow Electric Adult Scooters

E-TWOW is the brainchild of Dr. Ing. Sorin SIRBU, an engineer who designed and built one of the first e-scooters in 2013. E-TWOW, or electric two wheels, has since grown into a global company with factories in China and Europe. Through the years E-TWOW has continued to innovate and has picked up awards for invention (2017 Geneva).

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Folded: 945 x 135 x 300 mm

Unfolded: 940 x 135 x 1160 mm;

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