ShredLights SL-1000


ShredLights SL-1000


The latest in Shredlights products. The SL-1000. The brightest Shredlight that goes up to 1000 lumen. Perfect for those night rides on your E-Scooter, EUC, Onewheel, ESK8 or E-Bike.

Package includes:
1x White Shredlight SL1000
USB-C power cord included
Extra lens included

  • Up to 1000 lumen
  • Up to 50-hour on-time
  • USB-C rechargable

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ShredLights Bar Mount

The bar mount allows you to mount ShredLights to any curved (or angled) bar so you can seamlessly use our bright LED lights while riding your bike or scooter.

ShredLights Action Clip

Attach your Shredlight to your backpack. The action clip can turn 360 degrees so your light always points in the right direction

*light and mount not included

  • Specification
  • Description

    The smallest 1000 lumen mountable flashlight is here. See up to 100 feet ahead when helmet-mounted and install in seconds on any skateboard, bike, Onewheel, scooter, backpack, and more. Our patented S-LOCK mounting allows you to swap one light between any uses in a moments notice. Including a modular lens and diffuser disc for multiple beam angle options at any time. The USB-C rechargeable battery provides 90 minutes of run time in the max brightness setting of 1000 lumens.

    The Shredlight SL-1000 works with the SL-200 brackets

    Add the SL-1000 to your line up and take night rides to the next level.


    Up to 1000 lumen
    Up to 50 hour on-time
    USB-C power cord included
    Extra lense included

  • Brand

    Purpose Driven Products with Maximum Versatility Shredlights have been making durable, modular lighting for the past seven years with the dream of creating the most reliable lights on the market for conditions that no other lights could hold up to. We started by making headlights for skateboards, and our customers showed us so many more ways to use ShredLights that we never thought about. Now we’re thinking bigger than skateboarding; WAY bigger. The revolution of light electric vehicles is changing how we get around cities forever, and we're ready to make it safer.

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