WingLights Fixed v3


WingLights Fixed v3


High quality led side indicators for scooter.

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    WingLights Fixed v3 are our brand new, non-magnetic LED bike indicators that screw directly into your handlebar ends. Brighter, more visible to motorists and more energy efficient thanks to stronger orange LEDs and a transparent shield, our updated product is a must-have for all cyclists! Sleek, lightweight and robust, WingLights Fixed v3 firmly stay on your bicycle until they are unscrewed. Built to the same high specification as our original WingLights, WingLights Fixed v3 come with 2x CR2032 batteries per unit included.

    With WingLights Fixed v3, the LED indicators are attached straight onto the mounters. This means that you only need to screw them into your handlebars and you’re good to go. The mounters are compatible with handlebars with an inner diameter from 14.7mm to 23mm.


    Indicator Brightness 16 lumens By 4 Extra Bright Power Efficient LEDs Lights per Indicator.
    Material High Quality Anodized Aluminium Construct CNC Machined.
    Compatible With Any Straight or Curved (up to 60°) Handlebars with Inner. Diameter Between 14.7 mm and 23 mm.
    Battery Compatibility CR2032 and LIR2032 Rechargeable Batteries. 4x CR2032 Lithium Button Batteries Included (2 per Indicator).
    Weight on Bicycle 76g.


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    Best-known for creating WingLights, indicators that fit into the end of bicycle or e-scooter handlebars, designed to make your direction intentions clear to other road users and increasing your all round visibility.

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