MATE X Original Mounted Rear Rack


MATE X Original Mounted Rear Rack


All MATE X models

  • 16mm standard size tubing
  • Can handle up to 25kg (55lbs)

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    Strong, durable rear rack that’s custom created for MATE X. Standard 16mm tubing for compatibility with most carrying bags. Optional rear safety light that doubles as brake light, activated with braking lever.

    All MATE X models


    16mm standard size tubing
    Can handle up to 25kg (55lbs)
    Optional red rear light with braking and blinker features, 48V
    Black alloy

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    Personal Electric Transport is on a mission to make the electric revolution a reality.

    How do we do this? By embracing innovation and bringing high quality, safe micro mobility solutions like Mate electric bikes to the market that makes our community’s lives better. Electric bicycles are a fantastic and already widely accepted form of micromobility.

    Innovative designs such as the Mate electric bike are a green travel dream, they are even foldable. In terms of form and function they make for a really satisfying commute experience. We are proud to be official dealers of the Mate electric bike UK range Mate is a Danish family owned company who brought their dream to life with a crowdfunding campaign.

    Sister and brother power duo Julie and Christen have been striving to find travel options that are more convenient and include smarter tech and riding needs. And have done an incredible job for thousands of people who’ve gone electric with a Mate bike. Meet the mate electric bike range.
    The colour - it’s your choice. Select a colour form the palette that suits your style and personality.

    Mate X Set the everyday norms aside with the Mate X. With a strong frame, powerful motor and famous big fat wheel tyres, your ride will become an extension of yourself expression. You’ll be able to explore more than ever before with impressive motors that supplement your pedaling power. This Mate ebike allows you to ride further and enjoy the scenic route and still make it on time. Live in a hilly area? No problemo.

    The Mate X has loads of acceleration power and hydraulic brakes to match. Struggling on different terrains is a thing of the past. With cutting edge battery technology you can go a lot further without range anxiety and also charge less. You can go up to 120km on a single charge! Should we remind you that this beast is also foldable?

    Mate Icon
    The Mate Icon is a mighty, electric, foldable bike built to enhance your everyday. You’ll be able to rock up to any occasion without the sweat of cycling and you won’t have to worry about the time, as long as you have your Mate with you. Commuting no longer needs to be a chore, with your Mate it can be the most exciting time of your day. The Mate icon is designed to be lightweight and filled to the brim with features such as suspension, a battery that keeps giving and disc brakes and all terrain tyres.

    Already have a bicycle but want to turn it into an eBike?
    You can convert your standard bike with Swytch electric bikes conversion kit. We’ve got brands such as Ruff cycles e bikes and accesssories perfect for other bikes as well.

    Mate Bike
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