ARMORED x PET 2021 Reflective Jacket by Lazyrolling


ARMORED x PET 2021 Reflective Jacket by Lazyrolling


With your comfort in mind, the Armored Reflective Jacket will make you highly visible from a great distance and you’ll glow in traffic when light is reflecting on you.

  • Equipped with RECCO® technology
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric inner lining
  • CE-Certified motorcycle protection
  • Highly reflective
  • Adjustable pockets for elbow & shoulder pads
  • Airflow system, windproof and water-resistant
  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Level 1 pads included
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    A relaxed fit with high-quality materials, and very well protected from road rash and the wind. Functional clothing combined with street style, which we believe is the best way for maximum protection with minimal effort. With our Level 2 pads, it’s certified as motorcycle protection with classification EN 17092-4:2020 Class A.
    The Armored Reflective Jacket features a DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric inner lining. The Softshell fabric is made from a breathable polyester material with fleece on the reverse. The fabric protects against the cold and transports moisture away from the body. It will keep you comfortable in light rain but is not made for heavy rainfalls. It’s designed to maintain a comfortable temperature during high output activities and varied conditions. It has a high neck, airflow zippers under the arms allow you to simply adjust your body temperature. It also has an integrated RECCO® reflector that makes you searchable to the rescuers. Shortly: It’s the windbreaker you’ve always wanted!

    Two zippered waterproof inner pockets, and zippers in the front pockets.
    In its inner partitions: elbows, shoulders, and back, features

    adjustable pockets for our certified Level 1 and Level 2 pads and back protections. The internal stitching of the garment has “overlock stitches” to ensure the highest premium quality.

    Lining: 100% Polyester ** Inner Protective Lining: Kevlar® fiber.

    *** RECCO technology makes you searchable by organized rescue to find and help you faster when lost in the outdoors or in case of an avalanche. RECCO® technology is not a substitute for an avalanche transceiver.

    ** DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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    Community-based startup company focusing on protection gear for PLEVs

    Armored by Lazyrolling
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