E-Twow Carry Handle

Useful belt to carry your Scooter, a very useful handhold to carry your scooter in one hand! with extra padding. Suitable for the E-Twow S2 Plus/Booster/Master/Eco.

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Black carry belt by E-Twow with protection pad, for carrying the electric scooter comfortably and easy anywhere you need to go! Simply attach the scooter handle to the base of your e-Twow Electric Scooter. Leave this permanently on your scooter to improve the experience when carrying your scooter onto and off public transport etc.


E-twow Electric Adult Scooters

E-TWOW Electric Booster Adult Scooter, A new era in Urban mobility. The E-TWOW - Electric Two Wheels brand is part of a large international concept, with headquarters both in China and Europe, focused on offering a new era in urban mobility, through their ingenious electric vehicles.

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