Adult Electric Scooter

Searching For The Best Electric Scooter For Adults?

Personal Electric Transport is the UK’s first micro mobility shop, having opened in 2015. Since then we have been providing high quality adult electric scooters, electric unicycles, ebikes, Onewheels and more.

When our customers look for an electric scooters for adults in the uk, they can rest assured that our scooter range has been selected for the highest quality engineering, build and safety specifications. Those who are looking for a highly portable, folding electric scooter, we’ve got excellent options available. The E-Twow range takes less than flash to fold down and eliminates punctures with solid tires.

From the Vsett range we offer the Vsett 8+ which is lightweight and comfortable, yet still big on power.

Here’s some reviews on our electric scooters for adults:

“It’s really fast like 23mph fast. It’s a really high quality scooter and the battery seems to last forever. Probably helps that I’m on the slim side (I’m a woman) so range isn’t affected. Haven’t done any tests to prove the range but the battery seems long lasting. I honestly love it so much, I have no regrets!” – Vsett 8 customer

When you’re looking for something a little more beefy for travel on multiple modes of transport and a bit of dynamic terrain action, the Vsett 9+ is an excellent contender.
It’s even been coined as the Rolls Royce of Scooters by Jack Scarlett, a presenter from Fully Charged.

“Can’t get enough of this scooter. A lot faster than I thought. Halves my dailycommutes into work and just a joy to ride. Very comfy as those suspension springs really work.” – Vsett 9+

Customer If it’s high performance you’re after, you can check out the Vsett 10+, Apollo range or the Nami Burn-e for the latest and greatest designs and innovations. These electric scooters are made for the extreme rider in you to explore all terrain environments.

“Fantastic scooter… so impressed with VSETT brand I’ll be buying the vsett 10+ soon as my “fun” scooter. You wont be disappointed with the VSETT 8. Much better quality than other scooters for same price. Ninebots ect just feel like cheap plastic in comparison.”
Vsett 10+ Customer

Actually looking for an electric scooter for kids? Check out what Swifty has to offer.

It’s an endless fun mobile for the younger e-rider enthusiasts in your family. We have next day delivery available, and if you’re desperate to get on your new wheels, give us a call to arrange a special delivery.

If you’re still not sure which electric scooter for adults you’re after, just give us a call and one of the personal electric vehicle specialists will be happy to help you discover the most suitable ride for you. You’re always more than welcome to book a test ride of our range and come down to our shop in Leyton, London to try out the real thing.