InMotion self balance unicycles

InMotion V3

    • Top Speed 11 miles/h
    • Range 8.7 miles
    • Beeper notifications
    • Blue indicator panel
    • Single front light
    • InMotion App
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V3 Pro
    • Top Speed 11 miles/h
    • Range 8.7 miles
    • Bluetooth stereo speakers
    • Voice notifications
    • Bidirectional lights
    • Extra rubber pedal covers.
    • InMotion app

A New Era of Urban Mobility

E-TWOW embodies the vehicle of the future, and with their innovative technologies they offer high-performance coupled with unique characteristics for an eco-friendly, urban electric kick scooter.

The E-TWOW has a 3 point folding system and comes in at under 11kg (24 lbs). You can either carry it, or simply tow it around making it extremely portable.

The E-TWOW utilises a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS technology) – a technology first developed for use in high performance sports cars – to maximise the distance you can cover by recovering energy normally lost through breaking.

E-TWOW offers a safe and comfortable ride with front and rear suspension, cruise control, a double braking system (hand-activated magnetic KERS front brake, and foot activated motor and friction rear brake), airless tires, horn and automatic headlights.

Additional safety features also include a “zero start” function and an inbuilt maximum speed limit.

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