Where to Buy Quality Electric Scooters in the UK?

Well you should get your electric scooter from PET of course! Next question…? OK, I realise that taking advice about where to buy a scooter from an electric scooter shop might seem a little pointless but bare with me! We get it, there may be genuine reasons why you would want to buy from another […]

How to Adjust Steering Alignment on an E-Twow Electric Scooter Quickly

Help! My  E-Twow’s Steering is Misaligned! One of the members the PET online community recently commented on our E-Twow fender alignment video, saying that he needed help with aligning the steering on his E-Twow electric scooter. We made this video to help him, but know that many people experience the same. Just like in the […]

The New 2020 Xiaomi 1S Electric Scooter in stock at PET

Get the Brand New Xiaomi 1s Electric Scooter for £445 New to electric scooters? Even if you’ve just dipped your toes into the great ocean that is the world of scooters, we’re sure you’ve heard of the brand Xiaomi. We’re 99% sure that you’ve seen someone whiz past on one of these while you’ve been […]

How to Fix Loose Rear Fender / Mudguard Alignment on E-Twow Electric Scooter

3 Steps to Fixing Your Loose Rear Fender / Mudguard Alignment on Your E-Twow Electric Scooter It’s pretty neat that Dr Sorin, creator of E-Twow electric scooters chose to include a rear break and fender/mudguard into these portable transport machines. A mudguard really makes for an enjoyable ride, taking away any mud splash induced anxiety, […]

Electric Scooter Championship

Ultra-accessible & affordable race series showcases micromobility innovation Shines light on urban transportation & infrastructure in post-pandemic society Di Grassi: “A more sustainable way to go racing” Wurz: “The thrill and intensity of racing, but accessible to everyone”   The Electric Scooter Championship (eSC) is the world’s first-ever international electric race scooter series. The championship, […]

How to Fix a Blinking Rear Light on E-Twow GT in 4 Easy Steps

How to Fix a Blinking Rear Light on E-Twow GT in 4 Easy Steps Do you need to stop your E-Twow electric scooter from blinking lights like it belongs in an emergency services fleet? Yes, it is a thing. Sometimes – usually after playing around the settings –  the E-Twow lights can go into blinker […]

So, you are looking at a Zero scooter. But which one?

Obviously this comes down to personal preference and subjective opinion.  However, I have ridden a lot of scooters a fair few miles so indulge me if you will! There are essentially three types of e-scooter: Ultra-portable – suitable for mixed commuting (part scooter and part public transport or car).  They need to fold quickly and […]

Egret 10 Display Settings

FUNCTION SETTING  Click the “+” button and “-” button for 2 seconds in the normal starting state to enter the setting interface. The instrument parameters can be changed only if the password is entered. The default password is “0579”.  Click the “+” and “-” to change the value, click the “ON/OFF” to switch the numerical position, […]

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