Changing how we travel and embracing new technologies is key to making our city cleaner, greener and happier.

"Transport for London"


Personal Electric Transport Ltd. (PET) was formed in October 2015 to promote micro-mobility vehicles in the UK. Micro-mobility encompasses small, lightweight, personal electric vehicles such as electric kick scooters, e-bikes and electric unicycles.

We specialise in e-scooters, which are rapidly growing in popularity in cities across the world. We work closely with E-TWOW, one of the original pioneers of the contemporary e-scooter since creating a prototype back in 2013. We also solely represent newcomers Zero in the UK and work with many other established brands such as Egret, The-Urban and Xiaomi.We now have a showroom and service centre in Leyton, East London with many demo models available for test rides. We also have a second service centre in South Kensington, West London for convenience.We are passionate about micro-mobility at PET and see e-scooters as part of the solution to cleaner, safer cities. Solving problems by presenting a more convenient cost-effective and cleaner solution to a problem is always going to work better than penalising people who simply want to get from A-B. Getting into a two tonne SUV and burning litres of fossil fuel to travel a couple of miles will quickly seem ludicrous after five minutes riding an e-scooter!Contact us anytime or come and see us at our new Leyton showroom.

  • Official Service Partner. (Egret, E-Twow, Zero)
  • Exclusive UK dealer for Zero Scooters
  • Business Solutions including fleet management
  • Battery Recycling. (All brands)

P.S. Please wear always protection gear


*Under the actual legislation these vehicles are not regulated yet, are not allow to ride on public roads or pavement, only on private own land, marinas, parks or where road traffic rules do not apply. As far as we know only Switzerland and Austria in EU allow to ride them on cycle paths. A new European Standard is coming, we might need you to help us push this forward soon. Keep me informed.