About us

Changing how we travel and embracing new technologies is key to making our city cleaner, greener and happier.

“Transport for London”

The ‘last mile solution’ for commuting: the concept of dividing commuting into two stages, whereby long distances are covered by traditional transportation such as trains and cars, and crowded urban environments are navigated via personal mobility tools such as electric scooters or any other light electric vehicle.

We think that commuters have the right to alternative options, and it is our goal to offer an equally enjoyable one that is portable and requires little effort.

Any commute under 6 miles does not need to be driven in a petrol consuming vehicle. With personal electric transportation options that range from 10 miles to 40 miles on a single charge, you can still get to where you need to be, avoid traffic congestion and stay friendly to the environment.

Electric Scooters are a real alternative for urban mobility, also perfect for industrial, business areas and warehouses, touring, caravanning, campervans or motorhomes, renting, fleets, you name it, drop us an email to see what services we offer.

We are curators, working with well established international brands, please check around freely through the store we hope you like our selection. We tried to be clear, fast and informative as possible also offering aftersales and repairs on selected brands. Give us a call or drop an email if you need help. Contact us

We want to make personal transportation fun, easy and efficient. Let’s work together to make your commute the best moment of your day.  Join the comunity!

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P.S. Please wear always protection gear

*Under the actual legislation these vehicles are not regulated yet, are not allow to ride on public roads or pavement, only on private own land, marinas, parks or where road traffic rules do not apply. As far as we know only Switzerland and Austria in EU allow to ride them on cycle paths. A new European Standard is coming, we might need you to help us push this forward soon. Keep me informed.