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Ninebot One C+ Electric Unicycle

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Electric Unicycle, technologically advanced and cost-effective, one of the best options in personal urban transport in the market.

The Ninebot-C+ offers a high performance and safety guarantee at a more competitive price.

Speed of 10-12 miles/h

Range 15.5 miles

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Product Description

The ninebot c+ is the latest model from Ninebot, it replaces the older Ninebot E,  new boards, motors and batteries.

For the price of an iphone transport yourself around in style and without sweating! this is the king of single wheel vehicles! with the C+ you get a whole host of features. you can download the free app and see your speed, change a shed load of settings and much more! we have  load of videos to help you get started, just checkout our channel

The larger improved battery gives you around 15.5 miles in ideal conditions!

Comes with everything so you are ready to go out of the box. with practice you will be hoping up curbs and rolling down steps and doing many more tricks..... this little beauty will take you on your merry way in style and comfort.

It has a handy handle - simply pull it up and carry it onto the tube or bus or put it in the boot of your car...or backpack!


Package Size: 500×220×520

Machine Size: 475×453×175

Tire Size: Diameter 406mm, 16 inch low pressure pneumatic tire

Max Payload: ~120kg

Operating Temp: About -10~45℃

Net Weight: ~13.8

Battery: 220Wh/8C high power battery, output 2000W

Mileage: About 20-25km

Charger / Timings: AC100~240V input,120W,full charge within 150 min

Rated Power (Watt): 450

Max Power (Watt): 1500

Max Speed (KMH): ~17-20

Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 4.0, together with Ninedroid APP which can achieve remote firmware updating; smart instrument panel; vehicle specs and lights adjustable, etc

Mainframe Interface: High quality water resistant aviation charging port, multi function power button (on, off, standby, on/off bluetooth), multi function accessory holder

Display Panel: Annulus display panel on both sides. 20*2 independent RGB LED, battery indication: red light when break,yellow/red light when low power, customized light

Peddle/Standing Mount: AZ91D magnesium alloy padel + Resin shock absorption anti-slip layer

Lifting Handle: Standard foldable lifting handle, coated with rubber

Water Proof to IP55 - Regardless of wind and rain.



Ninebot by Segway

Ninebot by Segway is N°1 worldwide brand in self-balancing vehicles for personal transportation. Ninebot miniPRO · Ninebot One · Ninebot Elite · Ninebot One S2

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