KS-16S Electric Unicycle

Kingsong KS16S Sports is a masterfully crafted 16-inch wheel electric unicycle, 840wh battery ensures you always have enough charge for hours of riding

-Integrated trolley bar;

-840wh top quality battery;1200w high-speed motor;

-Colorful RGB lights;

-Front&rear LED hi-lite illumination;

-Bluetooth for music; APP

-Magnesium Pedal pillar, more sturdy and durable.

-Completely new system

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Product Performance -Top speed 35km/h ( Default setting: first level alarm: 18km/h; second level alarm: 19km/h, tilt back: 20km/h) -Mileage 75km -Maximum Gradibility Around 30° battery 840wh Lithium battery, with equilibrium, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection Running temperature -10℃/+60℃ -Maximum load 150Kg -Charging voltage Input AC 80~240 V ,output DC 67.2V、2A -Charging time around 6.5hours Rated power 1200W -Maximum power 3000W Dimension & Weight -Dimension of device 506mm(height) x463mm(length) X 196mm(width) -Packing size(mm) 630 * 510 * 210(mm) -Height of pedal 120mm -Tire size 16inch, diameter 417mm -Net Weight 15.5kg -Port charge port;switch port;light sensor; Protective Measures Tilting Protection -45° side to side left and right. ( Motor stalls when over 45° ) Place the machine vertically on the ground to restart automatically, no need to restart manually. -Speed Limit Protection voice warning + light warning while reching limit speed -Low battery protect start once battery down to 40%,speed limit would linear change with the battery capacity, vocie warning would start at 5% battery left,rocker would happen under the 1% battery left. -Message Battery RGB light would display the battery when device stays static under ‘power on’ state Voice warning (Your device is in low battery, please charge it) (Pls decelerate)power on(Hello, King Song) (Bluetooth is connected )(Blutooth is disconnected)(Be caution, over voltage) (Be caution, over power) Accessory charger x1,user mannuel x1,Warranty card x1,certificate x1


KingSong Unicycles

Shenzhen King Song Sports Equipment Co. Ltd is a hi-tech manufacturer specializing in one wheel/two-wheel electric light vehicles. King Song has been manufacturing self-balancing technology since 2012.

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