KS-16S Electric Unicycle

£1,295.00 £1,195.00

KS-16S Electric Unicycle

£1,295.00 £1,195.00

Kingsong KS16S Sports is a masterfully crafted 16-inch wheel electric unicycle, 840wh battery ensures you always have enough charge for hours of riding

  • -Integrated trolley bar;
  • -840wh top quality battery;1200w high-speed motor;
  • -Colorful RGB lights;
  • -Front&rear LED hi-lite illumination;
  • -Bluetooth for music; APP
  • -Magnesium Pedal pillar, more sturdy and durable.

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  • Description

    The all new KingSong KS16S gives the riders what they demand!! With an unlocked max speed of 22mph, you can get to your destination fast.

    The S line includes a newly designed PCB able to handle some serious abuse. With a thicker shaft for jumping off curbs, doing tricks, and riders up to 300lbs. The improved 1200Watt motor increases power that riders demand. For all you light show crazy people out there, the KingSong KS16S has integrated LEDs so you can put on a light show while riding in style.

    Did I hear you say your a music lover as well? No problem, with a separate Bluetooth chip dedicated just for your beats, your can easily hook up your tunes to play from your KS16S. In an area where they don’t allow riding, no problem! With a built-in trolley handle, you can walk your KS16S till the end of the no ride zone. Hop back on and ride like the wind…

    With a range of 35-45 miles, you can definetly get around. While the KS16S does come in different battery sizes, to take advantage of the full electric unicycle, we only sell the 840Wh version.

    KS-16S Specs

    • Color options: White, black, silver gray (Optional: rubber black)
    • Integrated trolley bar
    • 840wh imported battery
    • 1200w high speed motor
    • Colorful RGB lights
    • Front&rear LED hi-lite illumination
    • BT for music
    • APP Route Guidance
    • Magnesium Pedal pillar, more sturdy and durable Completely new system



  • Brand
    Shenzhen King Song Sports Equipment Co. Ltd is a hi-tech manufacturer specializing in one wheel/two-wheel electric light vehicles. King Song has been manufacturing self-balancing technology since 2012.
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