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InMotion V3 Electric Unicycle

Item #inmotionv3pro

InMotion V3 Electric Unicycle

Item #inmotionv3pro

Super-comfy ride, LCD display, built-in Bluetooth speakers, extendable handle and two wheels for extra balance. Tight turning circle and steady rides.

  • Top Speed 11 miles/h
  • Range 8.7 miles
  • Bluetooth stereo speakers
  • Voice notifications
  • Bidirectional lights
  • Extra rubber pedal covers.
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Product Description


Super soft leather pads ensure comfortable rides, while extensible handle makes transporting the wheel easier where and when it’s not possible to ride. Twin-wheel Inmotion V3PRO has a tight turning circle and steady ride, making it a perfect choice for easy commuting. With the top speed of around 16-18 km/h and a range of up to 14 km on a single charge, Inmotion V3 is one of very few electric wheels that comes with in-built speakers. Bluetooth connectivity makes listening to your songs easy as can be. The Inmotion App allows you to monitor your top speed, range, battery life, average speed and much more. Touch-sensitive switch adds a quirky feature to the unique design of the wheel.




This robust wheel has a durable casing, giving good resistance to knock and bumps. It is ideal for fun in the park.


V3PRO is excellent at lower speeds and with the ability to stand upright on its own. The twin-wheel stability make this an excellent wheel for beginners.


Extendable trolley enables the V3PRO to be wheeled when not in use, rarely needing to be carried. It has a good battery for a 14 km range – more than enough for a longer commute.



A touch-sensitive LCD for monitoring the battery which also doubles a convenient power-on – finger slide for activation.



Light on front of the casing and red reflector at the back increase visibility at night time which improves safety immensely.



Leg and additional ankle padding ensures a more comfortable experience.



USB-like pin 84.0V charger for 100V-240V mains with a full charging time of 1.5 hours. Charge it in the office when commuting or in a cafe when on the go.


Inmotion is accompanied by an app which allows you to track your journeys, monitor battery life and motor performance and share your experience with friends.



Super safe pedals design enclosed in a non-slip soft rubber. Adequate for riding in wet weather conditions and great for avoiding bruised ankles.



A marvellously concealed retractable trolley arms extend from the wheel’s body. Unique and extremely practical, it allows Inmotion V3PRO to be wheeled on the ground when not in use.



The built-in speaker can easily connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, bringing the journey to life with your favourite tunes.**

Additional Information

Additional information


1 Year Warranty


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Battery operated ride-on safety advice

For the safety of yourself and the safety of others, please follow these guidelines when using this product:
-This vehicle must not be used on public highways (roads and pavements)
-This vehicle must not be used on private property without the consent of the landowner
-All instructions must be read and understood before allowing a child to operate this vehicle
-Protective equipment should be worn at all times while operating this vehicle
-Children should be under the supervision of a responsible adult while operating this vehicle

As an essential condition for the proper functioning of the product, we recommend a periodic review within six months but not more than 1000 kilometers driven, at a specialized service. Also, after each cold season, we recommend checking the product functionality, particularly regarding the battery and electronic parts.


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