Koowheel Electric Longboard Kooboard


Koowheel Electric Longboard Kooboard


The 2nd Gen of the Koowheel D3M Longboard Electric Skateboard.

New generation and new name KOOBOARD! A totally new board fine-tuned from the D3m version with tons of improvements.

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    Elastic structure to prevent the battery and electronic components from being damaged when the board is bent. Improved PCB board with electronics potting, stronger casing and connectors. Smart chip to avoid sudden acceleration or sudden brake, safe. Range: 25 Km Top speed: 35 km/h Net weight: 7.7kg Size: 920mm*240mm Board Material: 7-layer of Canadian Maple Wood Battery: 36V 5500mAH Lithium battery Charge time: 4 hours Cycle time: Above 1500 times Motor: High-speed brushless dc hub motor Replaceable motor wheel cover Power: Dual-motor Nominal 2×350 Wheel Material: PU Wheel size: 97mm Hardness: 85A New Remote controller Battery type: Lithium battery Remote Charge time: 3 hours Package size: 970mm*310mm*200mm   New connectors of battery avoid connecting issue The new program will protect the battery from over charged by regenerative braking.  Ergonomic design, Excellent soft touch New PCB, NO disconnection issue Smoother Acceleration & Braking Lights & vibration to remind power & connection New DC Charger port, easy & friendly New solid PCB housing to avoid broke Easy link/break wires between PCB & Motors 97MM Motors/Wheels  350W x 2 Motors with Replaceable PU wheels Unique design will help motors cooling  Max Speed 42km/h        

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