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Acton Blink Lite

Item #blinklite2016

At just 7.7lbs, ACTON is at again in creating the lightest electric skateboard available on the market. The ACTON Blink Lite is the newest product designed for a more chill and relaxed ride. The Blink Lite is the ideal board for cruising, the most convenient way to get around with some added fun.

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Product Description

The Blink Lite is ACTON’s newest and most advanced electric skateboard to date. Weighing in at just 7.7lbs., it is now the World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard! The Blink Lite is the ideal board for cruising--from coasting down boardwalks to quick rides to the corner store. While retaining its length and LED strip from the Blink Board, the Blink Lite has a redesigned fishtail shaped deck which maximizes riding comfort and portability.

The Blink Lite introduces an in-wheel hub motor which is quieter, more efficient, longer lasting, and requires low maintenance. This allows for smooth acceleration, braking, and uninterrupted cruising. The lightweight remote gives riders the ability to control the speed of the board, along with added features that include a reverse function. The Blink Lite can get up to top speeds of 9 mph while reaching a range of 5 miles. It also has the option to change its speed settings from beginner, normal, and pro via Bluetooth with the ACTON app.

  •  Product Weight: 7.7 lbs
  •  Range: 5 Miles
  •  Charge Time: 2 Hour*
  •  Max Speed: 10 MPH
  •  Speed Modes: Beginner/Normal/Pro
  •  Charger Input: 110v-240v
  •  Battery: Lithium Ion 25.5V, 2.2Ah
  •  Motor: 250W
  •  Max Incline: 11%
  •  Rider Weight Limit: 180 lbs
  •  Package Weight: 10 lbs
  •  Package Dimensions: 30” x 10” x 6”
  •  Deck Material: Canadian Maple
  •  Deck Length: 27.5 Inches
  •  Wheel Type: PU, 70mm Diameter, 78A Hardness
  •  Includes: Remote Control


Note: The Blink Lite can travel 5 miles on a full charge - this range is tested under ideal conditions with average weight, smooth, level surfaces in beginner mode. Heavier weight, hills, and bumpy surfaces with pro mode will reduce the range.




ACTON is the creator and purveyor of lightweight, wearable, and fun transportation devices that blend technology and fashion. Its passion for innovative technology and elegant designs makes it the cutting edge of the wearable transportation category.

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