Dualtron Eagle


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  • Motor type: 3600W ΜΑΧ BLDC Dual HUB motor
  • Battery type:  60V-22.4Ah /LG Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery capacity:   1304Wh
  • Weight: 29 kg


Dualtron EAGLE 3600W by Minimotors is the new powerful e-scooter

  • Dual HUB front and rear motors provide fast and smooth acceleration until the standard ABS front and rear disc brakes bring you to a safe stop.
  • Its 60V-22.4Ah LG Battery gives a range of 80 kilometers and top speed of 75 Km/h.

It is a scooter designed to meet the expectations of customers who want a powerful machine.

  • The Dualtron EAGLE comes with two 1800W motors that can output up to 3,600W.
  • Combined with a solid 60V22.4Ah battery, we get a very powerful scooter that can climb most hills and slopes with ease. I am talking about a whopping 45% (25°)
  • The Eagle comes with large 10×2.5 inch inflatable tires. Those of you who have used a scooter before will agree that tire size is one of the things that matter the most.
  • On the bright side, inflatable tires are softer and offer more room for customization – you can adjust suspension softness and stability by changing tire pressure – less pressure means better cushioning and more grip, while more pressure might be the best option when you are driving at high speed.
  • Besides, the EAGLE features rubber suspension, similar to that of its predecessors.
  • It takes up to 9 hours with a 2A Charger
  • An impressive comfort when driving. This is possible thanks to the improvements made on the suspensions and the different levels of adjustments;
  • Safety thanks to hydraulic disc brakes and Electric ABS.
  • Dual LED headlight / taillight / brake light

Key Features

The EYE, besides displaying all the info you expect to see (such as battery life and speed), allows you to easily adjust things like:

  • Slow start – having that on allows you go full throttle from the beginning without being worried about the scooter knocking you off your feet – no need to manually adjust the speed with your throttle. Great feature for beginners.
  • Electric brake strength
  • Auto power off – anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes
  • Start method – choose between throttle start and kick start
  • Speed step setting – the scooter features three speeds
  • All the other settings you are familiar with, such as cruise mode, speed unit change (KM/h <> Mph), power limit and LCD brightness.


  • Motor type: 3600W ΜΑΧ BLDC Dual HUB motor
  • Battery type:  60V-22.4Ah /LG Li-Ion battery pack
  • Battery capacity:   1304Wh
  • Product weight:    around 29 kg
  • Charging hour:     9~10hr / Standard 2A charger basis (Depending on the battery condition)
  • Mileage: ~80km
  • Max speed: 75km/h / 60kg load, 25 degrees of ambient temperature Based on the flat road 15km/h constant speed driving(Best condition)
  • Gradeability: Approx. 45%
  • Max load: 120kg


2 Years warranty (1 year for the battery)




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