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CityBug2 Urban Electric Scooter

Item #Citybug2

CityBug2 Urban Electric Scooter

Item #Citybug2

Since 2015, the CITYBUG2 has been a familiar sight in cities all round the world. Its innovative design has already earned the renowned Red Dot Design Award! The CITYBUG2 is driven by a 36 V/250 W rear-wheel hub motor, ensuring a highly stable ride, while a 36 V/200 Wh battery enables travel distances from 15 to 20 kilometres – ideal for exploring your city, getting to work or just visiting friends!

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1 review for CityBug2 Urban Electric Scooter

  1. 5 out of 5

    Amazing to ride, super smooth

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Product Description



Simply press the Start button to get going. The patented Push&Pull handlebar gives you full control of the speed. To accelerate, press the handlebar forward and, once you have reached your desired rate of progress, pull it back slightly to slow down again – the sensor-based high-tech system takes care of the rest. Thanks to the intuitive mode of control, riding on your CITYBUG2 is a carefree and highly pleasurable experience.




For us, the issue of safety is of primary importance. All CITYBUG2 models are therefore equipped with two braking systems that work independently of each other. Both can be operated completely intuitively.

  • PUSH & PULL – Simply pull the handlebar to slow your CITYBUG2 down. The motor brake is triggered by the sensor-based controls to ensure that jerky braking and sudden braking manoeuvres you are unable to handle are avoided whenever you want to slow down.
  • The second method of braking your scooter is our STEP2STOP – a robust rear-wheel brake that you can operate with your foot to immediately bring your CITYBUG2 to a full halt.



No emissions – good for your environment! The CITYBUG2 produces no CO2 pollution whatsoever. Combined with green energy from your power supply company, the sophisticated battery technology, which ensures maximum intervals between charging, means that your actual carbon footprint becomes smaller every day.

No noise pollution – The CITYBUG2 is a lightweight electric vehicle that moves through the city without generating disturbing noise. Enjoy the feeling of discovering your city on the quiet.



  • Press the Start button and jump on
  • Accelerate up to 5 km/h by kicking off with your foot until the electric drive starts up
  • Push the handlebar forward slightly to gradually increase your speed
  • Once you have reached your desired tempo, reduce the pressure on the handlebar to continue at constant speed
  • Pull the handlebar backward to activate the motor brake and gradually reduce speed
  • To stop immediately, step on the rear-wheel brake/on the mudguard


Press the Start button and jump on. The patented Push&Pull handlebar puts complete control in the palm of your hands. To accelerate, push the handlebar forward slightly. You then travel at constant speed. To slow down, pull the handlebar backward – the sensor-based high-tech system does the rest. Rely on your intuition to experience a carefree, enjoyable ride.


  • Size – unfolded: 1010 x 459 x 1140 mm
  • Size – folded: 917 x 459 x 384 mm
  • Top speed: 18 km/h
  • Range: approx. 15~20 km
  • Charging time: approx. 3~4 hours
  • Total weight: 12.5 kg (including battery)
  • Battery: Li- ION, 36 V 5.6 Ah
  • Motor: 250 W brushless DC motor
  • Tyres: F-7.6″ / R-7.2″

Additional Information

Additional information




1 Year by Manufacturer





Battery operated ride-on safety advice

For the safety of yourself and the safety of others, please follow these guidelines when using this product:
-This vehicle must not be used on public highways (roads and pavements)
-This vehicle must not be used on private property without the consent of the landowner
-All instructions must be read and understood before allowing a child to operate this vehicle
-Protective equipment should be worn at all times while operating this vehicle
-Children should be under the supervision of a responsible adult while operating this vehicle

As an essential condition for the proper functioning of the product, we recommend a periodic review within six months but not more than 1000 kilometers driven, at a specialized service. Also, after each cold season, we recommend checking the product functionality, particularly regarding the battery and electronic parts.

1 review for CityBug2 Urban Electric Scooter

  1. 5 out of 5

    Amazing to ride, super smooth

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