Swytch Brompton Kit


Swytch Brompton Kit


Colour : Black

Battery : 7Ah

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  • Specification

    Black, Silver


    5Ah, 7Ah

  • Description

    Designed specifically for folding bikes, the narrow 74mm motor fits easily to your Brompton forks and allows it to fold as normal.

    Dahons and other small folding bikes with narrow forks that require the specialized Brompton kit featuring a narrow motor to fit in the forks. The Swytch Brompton kit is the only conversion kit worldwide that is compatible with Bromptons and other bikes with narrow forks, as no other company offers the narrow motor that fits in without permanent modification of the bike. This specially designed compact motor increases the price of the kit.


    Mechanical Specs

    Drive Type Front hub geared motor
    Dropout Width 74mm (suitable for Brompton and Dahon forks)
    Gear compatibility Compatible with any type of gearing, including derailleur and hub gears.
    Torque 40Nm
    Top Speed Limited to 15MPH
    (can be de-limited to approx 18MPH)
    Added weight 3kg
    Brake Rim or Disc brake compatible (motor is equipped with a mount for screwing on the disc-brake disc to it)
    Spokes 28x 12g silver spokes
    Rim Silver, double walled from PowerRim

    Electrical Specs

    Motor specs 250W Brushless DC geared motor (40Nm torque)
    Battery Capacity [35Km kit]

    36V 5Ah = 180Wh

    Expected range 35Km at 125W average power output. 10-15 miles at constant maximum power 250W.

    50 Km kit

    36V 7Ah = 250Wh

    Expected range 50 miles at 125W average power output. 20-25 miles at constant maximum power 250W.

    Controller 36V 6MOSFET Sine Wave 15A controller
    Battery Tech [35 Km version] Lithium Ion 18650 2500MAh cells

    [50 Km version] Lithium Ion 18650 3500MAh cells

    800-1,000 expected cycles before capacity reduction

    Charger 2A 36V charger with USA plug 3-4 hour charge time (4-5 hours for 50 mile battery)
    Front Light Integrated front light, 500 lumens [50Km kit only]


  • Brand

    Our mission is to make top-quality electric bike technology affordable for everyone. We went to great lengths to design the product to be affordable, easy to fit, and universally compatible.

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