GUB PLUS3 Phone holder


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  • 360° Rotatable,
  • Burglarproof(with Burglarproof screw and wrench),
  • Anti-drop outfit for the phone width from 55mm to 100mm,



GUB PLUS 3 Plastic Rotatable bike phone holder

Model: GUB PLUS 3 Rotatable bike phone holder

Material: Engineering plastic frame + AL6063 base

Length: 55mm(max to 100mm adjustment)

Width: 50mm

Diameter: 31.8mm clamp(compatible 25.4/22.2mm using adapter spacer)

Weight: 70g

Color: black


can install on about diameter 31.8/25.4mm/22.2mm(used giveaway spacers) handlebar,fit for 3.5–6.2 inch phone etc electronic equipment used, compatible bike/E-bike/scooter/motorcycle etc.

Package: 1set phone holder+Instructions+spacer in retail boxGiveaway include:2pair spacer(transform diameter 31.8 to 25.4/22.2mm) + Burglarproof wrench(specified used for PLUS 3 phone holder)



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